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State-owned company worker is out of job insurance regulation
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Regulations On Unemployment Insurance For Staff A`nd Workers Of State-owned Enterprises

General principles of the first chapter

Chapter I General Provisions

The first labor system for perfect and state-owned company, safeguard is out of job basic life of the worker, defend social safety, make this provision.

Article 1. These Regulations Are Formulated In Order To Improve The Labor System Of State-owned Enterprises, guarantee A Minimum Sta`ndard Of Living For The Staff A`nd Workers Waiting For Employment, a`nd Maintain Social Stability.

This the 2nd regulation is said to be out of job worker, it is to because of,point to one of following scenario, the state-owned company that loses the job (enterprise of the following abbreviation) worker:

Article 2. The "staff A`nd Workers Waiting For Employment" Referred To In These Regulations Shall Be The Staff A`nd Workers Of The State-owned Enterprises (hereinafter Referred To As The "Enterprises" ) , who Fit The Following Criteria:

(one) lawfully the worker of the enterprise of suspend payment;

(1) Staff A`nd Workers Of The Enterprises Which Have Legally Declared Bankruptcy;

(2) the enterprise that is close to going bankrupt is in legal the worker that during rectifying, is decreased by essence of life;

(2) Staff A`nd Workers Of The Enterprises Facing Bankruptcy Laid Off During The Statutory Streamlining Period;

(3) concern a provision according to the country by the cancel, worker that dismisses a company;

(3) Staff A`nd Workers Of The Enterprises Closed O`r Dissolved In Accordance With Relevant Regulations Of The State;

(4) the worker that rectifies an enterprise to be decreased by essence of life about formulary stop production according to the country;

(4) Staff A`nd Workers Laid Off In Periods During Which The Enterprises Ceased Production In Order To Be Streamlined In Accordance With Relevant Regulations Of The State;

(5) stop or remove the worker of labor contract;

(5) Staff A`nd Workers Who Have Terminated O`r Canceled Their Labor Contracts;

(6) the enterprise is repulsive, remove sb's name from the rolls or the worker of discharge;

(6) Staff A`nd Workers Who Have Been Dismissed O`r Fired By The Enterprises; Or

(7) according to law, code sets or set according to government of people of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, enjoy be out of job safe other worker.

(7) Other Staff A`nd Workers Entitled To Unemployment Insurance In Accordance With The Laws A`nd Regulations O`r The Regulations Of The People's Governments Of The Provinces, autonomous Regions A`nd Municipalities Directly Under The Central Government.

The 3rd is out of job insurance job ought to train with professional introduction, obtain employment and production saves oneself wait for obtain employment servive routine to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl, arrange as a whole.
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