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Very wonderful English the press is brief an appreciation
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1.The Two Leaders Stated That Both Countries Would Develop Good-neighborlyAnd Friendly Relations On The Basis Of Mutual Respect For Sovereignty AndTerritorial Integrity, non-aggression, non-interference In Each Other’sInternal Affairs, equality And Mutual Benefit And Peaceful Co-existence.
Two leader state, two countries will be mixed in mutual respect dominion territorial integrity, nonaggression, each other is hands-off municipal, equal
Affiliation of good relations of neighbourhood develops on the foundation of mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence.

2.The Country’s Stability Depends On How Well The President Can Groom ASuccessor.
This country whether stability depends on president whether foster a successor successfully.
Note: Groom, make prepare to attend enter into an election contest, ready-made, train.

3.He Accused The Prime Minister Of Burnishing His Own Image While FoldingUnder Pressure.
He criticises the premier shrinks back below pressure on one hand, give oneself the gild on the face on one hand.
Note: Accuse is used in jural ought to interpret accuses “ into “” , be like: He Was Accused Of Theft. (he is pointed to
Accuse to commit theft crime) ; Fold, make an intransitive verb use from time to tome the ” of meaning here transferred meaning that ” shuts “ , ” collapse “ is retreated
Shrink “ ; Burnishing original intention is polishing, polished.

4.The Opposition Leader’s Speech Stole The Headlines From The Government.
The speech of opposition leader is on newspaper cut a dash, make a government inferior by comparison.
Note: Metaphrase is: The speech of opposition leader takes up a political career the spirit away in government office hand the headline opening column of newspaper.

5.He Said That The Release Of The Men Gave The Green Light To Terrorism.
He says, release these people, be equal to to terroristic activity give the green light.
Note: Also can translate into “ to be equal to “ of indulgent terroristic activity.

6.The CIA Is Drawing Fire As Its Director Is Questioned Over Press Leaks.
The CIA is scolded terribly defeatedly, because the director is accepting ask for an explanation because of the problem of journalistic circles divulge a secret.
Note: CIA=CENTUAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY, american CIA; Drawing Fire, original intention is
“ brings about violent assail “ ; Leaks, point to “ of ” divulge a secret apparently here.

7.Albright Played Hardball By Walking Out Of The Meeting.
Aoerbulaite represents strong position with exiting the means of the assembly room.
Note: Play Hardball, express strong (footing, protest, object waiting) , hardball also can contain a statement with shaped,
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