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Association of dragoman of international conference mouth (AIIC)
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International Association Of Conference Interpreters

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Association of dragoman of international conference mouth (Interpreters of   of Conference of   of Of of   of International   Association, abbreviation AIIC) , it is conference oral interpretation the global professional association of only of this one special profession, the member status of AIIC is considered as the highest and professional attestation of conference mouth dragoman extensively. Current, global AIIC passes interpret number aggregate do not pass many 2600 members.

AIIC Is The International Professional Association That Represents Conference Interpreters And Sets Standards For The Practice Of The Profession.

Setting Standards Means Working Together With International And National Technical Bodies, such As The International Organisation For Standardisation (ISO) , involved In Building Conference Venues, interpretation Booths And The Complex Sound Equipment Required For Simultaneous Reception And Transmission Of A Single Speech In Several Languages. AIIC Collaborates With Such Bodies, and With Builders Of Conference Centres, to Ways To Create A Working Environment That Will Ensure The Highest Standards For The Benefit Of All.

Conference Interpretation Is A Service Whose Quality Depends Not Only On The Qualifications Of Interpreters, but Also On The Physical, psychological And Economic Conditions Under Which They Work.

Establishing The Working Conditions Needed To Ensure Quality Of Service Is Just One Of The Ways AIIC Furthers The Interests Of Conference Interpreters, one Of The Goals Consecrated In The Association's Charter.

It AIIC Also Sets Standards For Interpretation Schools So That Those Whom They Train Meet The Stringent Requirements Of The Profession. Furthermore, it Introduces And Explains The Profession To Clients, governments And Intergovernmental Organisations Helping Them To Provide The Technical And Organisational Means Interpreters Need To Perform To The Best Of Their Ability.

The Interests Of Interpreters, both Members And Non-members Of AIIC, are Further Served By Research On The Practice Of Interpretation, linguistics And Use Of Languages. The Health Of Interpreters Is Constantly Faced With Work-related Stress And Helping To Minimise That Stress By Procuring The Best Possible Working Conditions Is One Of AIIC's Highest Priorities.

Promoting The Interests Of Conference Interpreters Also Means Negotiating Conditions Of Work And Remuneration With Major Employers, such As The European Union And The United Nations. Because Of Its Strength And Representativity, AIIC Has Been The Sole Partner For Interpreters In Negotiations With Major Employers Leading To Agreements Governing The Conditions Of Work For All Interpreters. The Physical Working Conditions Agreed Upon In Actual Fact Serve As International Standards Largely Accepted Throughout The World.
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