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Association of dragoman of international conference mouth
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International Association Of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)

Association of dragoman of international conference mouth (International Association Of Conference Interpreters, abbreviation AIIC) held water 1953, it is conference oral interpretation the global professional association with this one special exclusive profession, be in charge of examining, the professional competence of dragoman of cognizance conference mouth and language combination, make requirement of its regulation for shop, work, ethic and major groom standard, promotion conference oral interpretation is optimal practice, begin collective negotiation with the international organization such as U.N. , European Union in order to determine the pay of conference mouth dragoman, etc. The member status of AIIC is considered as the highest and professional attestation of conference mouth dragoman extensively. Current, AIIC has many 2600 member in world each district, among them, chinese mandarin includes in language combination have 55.
AIIC grooms committee (Training Committee) it is this association is in charge of making major of conference oral interpretation groom standard, right course of conference oral interpretation undertakes careful is judged, the orgnaization of attestation.
Be about to know to concern the more detail of circumstance of job of conference oral interpretation, visit AIIC website please, network address is, special recommend AIIC to groom the Advice To Students Wishing To Become Conference Interpreters ( of committee)

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