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The interpreter learns domestic gold 隄 to teach begin lecturing of series learn
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Na Kaixin hears net message (Zhao Guojiang of photography of Zhang Shaozhen of 珵 of student reporter cereal) on October 19, the basic principle ” that Joyce creates first ——“ that famous interpreter learns domestic gold 隄 to teach series learning lecture is in south open first floor of institute of university foreign language to report hall is held. Lecture by foreign language institute standing assistant dean Professor Li Bing is chaired, liu Shicong, Wang Hong imprints, Miao Ju, Suo Jinmei teachs attend as a nonvoting delegate 4 times, the lecture attracted the classmate that a lot of pairs of Joyce and its work are interested in to attend, whole report hall is full.

Golden Professor 隄 is our country famous interpreter egghead, Qiao Xuejia, " Youlixisi " the interpreter learns the home, in Joyce's creation the sphere of learning such as concept and literary interpreter has very deep attainment, ceng Zaina opens university foreign language to fasten the job, hold the post of the visiting professor of many famous university, researcher.

In the lecture, golden 隄 teachs what analysed Joyce systematically above all to create a mood, cite is various and paradigmatic, the life survey that joins Joyce and novel " Youlixisi " publication history, appear for classmates give to devoted to sturdily the writer figure of ego. Next, he was analysed in detail " Youlixisi " medium specific clue, pass the contrast of reality and novel, reach ” of with the fact prep above fact produces profit of “ of tall Yi Si the conclusion of the concept. What the train of thought of his careful and essence is academic, the approval that wins attendant audience and admire.

In whole lecture process, year even more golden Professor 隄 of 8 a period of ten days is stentorian from beginning to end, bouncy, each minutes of the lecture what reflecting a scholar is erudite with persistence. After the lecture ends, he still is concerned with respect to what attendant classmates put forward realistic gave meticulous and wonderful answer with the problem such as romanticism.

This second series lecture is divided in all for 3 themes, additionally two “ " Youlixisi " artistic gimmick ” and the road ” that “ literature translates will be in the following hold two weeks in succession.

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